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Partnering and networking are the trends of the business in the era of the new economy. The new economy is very dynamic and requires considerable agility – ability to adjust, refocus and reconstruct the development organisation according to the changes in the market. The trend here for companies is to analyse the market appropriately, the surrounding problems in society and see the benefits Ace can bring to your organisation to create a long - term strategy that will provide better solutions for all.

For additional information and program requirements, please see the Selling Services Terms. Ace limits the addition of new sellers in the Selling Services program to ensure customers are able to buy with confidence from all sellers on Ace as we grow internationally. Once you have reviewed the category requirements, you can apply below. For now, 15% of all our profits will go to sustainability innovations, humanitarian causes and worthwhile charities in Ireland. Following international expansion, we will increase this number to support international causes. Before you apply, you also agree to our privacy policy and cookie policy

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