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Our Core Objectives

Our vision is to give the people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

Our organisational objectives are as follows:


1. To reduce levels of injustice and inequality

The richest 1% in the world have more than double the wealth of 6.9 billion people. By enabling new and innovative business models, we can aid the development of ensuring equal opportunity, freedom and prosperity for all, to up skill and learn new skills and sell remote services and solutions. By inspiring lifelong learning, through digital innovation, we can strengthen our communities, we can serve the growth needs of individuals and improve the health of the planet. 


2. To aid the movement of efficient and effective sustainable systems

We aim to invest in an environment that supports a sustainable future for people, communities, businesses
and the planet. We need to adopt to a process of creating an ecological sustainable and socially inclusive technological growth that will require cultural change and new patterns of thinking. We need to implement new patterns of producing and consuming goods and services. It implies a transition towards a more intensive use of clean technologies, renewable energy and a sharing economy. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create these problems. We will do this by the following:

  1. To preserve earth's natural habitats and resources as well as its biodiversity.

  2. To promote ethical business standards by aiding the facilitation research of removing fossil-fuel subsidies and incentivising decentralised energy systems.

  3. To aid the movement of promoting carbon-neutral smart cities and the benefits of autonomous transport, which ultimately will create a better future for our younger generation.

  4. By analysing data and aiding organisations through the process of divesting from assets linked to fossil fuels.

  5. To create innovative sustainable solutions by utilising the process of the circular economy.

  6. We enable a programme which strengthens local communities to tackle climate education and engagements and disclosing information on greenhouse gas emissions.

  7. Our marketplace model will enable a programme where all products will be sustainably certified.

3. To reduce the levels of poverty 

By creating equal opportunities, we can connect everyone with new opportunities through the exchange of local knowledge, expertise, connection and collaboration. We can look out for everyone in society in an inclusive manner. To enable people to maximise the value that technology can bring to their objective by empowering people to make a difference. 

4. To provide innovative research solutions for our current climate crisis 

In the last several years alone, economic losses due to human-induced climate change and air pollution have amounted to $240 billion each year. Erratic weather closes facilities, delays production, disrupts distribution chains, raises operation costs, and reduces demand, according to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions. In addition to presenting an economic monetary dilemma, climate change is also social responsibility issue. There is evidence that climate change exacerbates inequalities, disproportionately impacting the poor,and the World Bank anticipates it will push an additional 100 million people into poverty by 2030. In 2018, the statistics tell a clear story that whether a low income individual or a wealthy corporation, no one is immune to the costs of climate change. Ace plays an essential role in advancing entrepreneurial action and shared innovation that aims to transform lives and create a better future for the people and the planet. We as a community, need to make a fundamental shift in our perspective and allow for fast innovation that brings transformational expansionary economic development, equality and to fundamentally change our sustainable systems to ensure better more efficient collaboration that will drive sustainable solutions. To enable economic prosperity, collaboration and partnerships, we will ensure we support an inclusive population with new opportunities. We will do this by continuously researching innovative ways of developing a sustainable future for our people and the planet. 

5. To reduce the levels of people in isolation 

Ace is enabling an environment which people can work together and work on their passions, to learn from and connect with their local community. This is much more fulfilling for people when they can work together. 

6. To aid the reduction of world hunger

By creating a platform in locations around the world based off platform solutions we can find ways of creating a more equal world. 

7. To promote the solution of equal opportunities, peace and unity

To alleviate the problem of wealth inequality, we will aid the research for alleviating the problem of injustice and inequality. We will enable digital solutions to connect people and give everyone equal opportunity to earn additional income and a chance at connecting them with society and a life of true freedom to thrive. Our programme will include innovative creative solutions to break up the rise of new - and old - monopolies. By enabling the driving force of exciting new equitable business-models that go far beyond everything we do.

8. To solve community problems

To continually research and identify potential solutions to complex issues and implementing community impact projects. This results in communities benefiting from collaboration and fresh innovation. Members gain valuable insights and experience to advance their personal and professional lives.

9. To inspire lifelong learning

To inspire lifelong learning, advance digital knowledge, sustainable innovation and strengthen our communities. Ace aims to help people learn more about themselves and how they can become the best version of themselves. To also help people fulfill their passion and achieve what they want in their life.

10. To create more of a connected world 

Collaboration is the collective that truly sees the value in creative connection; it is a new
relationship, transaction, partnership that leads to success. It is extremely inherently valuable to the
design-thinking service approach. All other things being equal, if there’s is one single thing that puts
any town, village or region on the road to success, it is collaboration to transform expansionary
economic development.

11. To facilitate more opportunities in developing countries through digital transformation

While digital transformation is predominantly used in a business context, it is present in areas all
around us. Organisations such as governments, public sector agencies and organisations which are
involved in tackling societal challenges such as global warming, economic housing, or homeless crisis
must utilise innovative digital technologies for better solutions.

12. To connect communities to solve problems through cross industry collaboration

Human beings have always enjoyed interacting with each other and connecting. Communication has always been a major factor in why we do what we do and how we do it. We are building technology that surrounds our own ecosystem and creates an alternative way of connecting. While we do aim to serve as a creative networking platform, our aim is to collaborate with local communities, institutions in a distributed regime to enable local collaboration more efficiently and effectively. This will drive organisational collaboration, reduce aggregate energy efficiency and influence sustainable innovations and change where we can solve vital environmental and
humanitarian problems.

13. To promote the benefits of a circular economy 

By continuously researching innovative solutions that can bring out better digital and sustainable solutions, 

we can embrace the utilisation of a circular economy where all materials are valuable and we can reduce the waste in our systems. We are committed to making this shift easy and efficient and creating a continuous learning approach to new ethical standards. 

14. To aid the discovery of solving the homeless crisis

By providing a support platfrom for the homeless which will create local networking opportunities to provide 
greater purpose and equal rights to all citisens. To motivate personal change and propel new ideas.

15. To aid the problem of hospital overcrowding

The recent healthcare system should provide better healthcare services for the people at any time anywhere in an affordable and patient friendly manner. In the traditional way the doctors play the major role. For necessary diagnosis and advising the need to visit the patients. We will aid the research and discovery to solve the problem for people that cannot reach the hospital through remote patient monitoring and virtualised networking solutions.

16. To create economic prosperity and wealth for our users

We aim to serve the growth needs of all individuals, companies, organisations, institutions and causes through our diversified and equal approach based on the core principle of digital platform solutions. By partnering with businesses and academic institutions to allow for an extensive network of creators, students, business owners to collaborate and connect locally. 

17. To facilitate the promotion of innovation through digital transformation, smart cities and clean water systems

To create new employment and drive technological economic development and local sustainable collaboration, we will encourage innovation to uplift our country in a new era and industry. We will balance innovation with digital transformation and sustainability efforts to enable our program to aid the protection of our people, communities, animals and planet.

18. To aid the facilitation of meaningful relationships through local collaboration

Collaboration will act as our ‘unit’ of trust, goodwill, integrity, truth in partnership and mutual understanding that can be drawn upon for development purposes. It will also act as a creative connection tool between organisations, events and people in the community. Enabling creative collaboration, connection and empowering transformational economic development. 

19. To promote the importance social awareness, respect and mental well-being

Health is a state of well-being, in which an individual realises his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and is able to make a contribution to his or her community. The experience of mental ill-health can have a significant and devastating impact on the personal, family, social, vocational and economic lives of those who experience a mental disorder, on their families and on wider society. We all need good mental health to flourish in life, to take care of ourselves and interact with others, so it is vital to not only address the needs of people with defined disorders but also to protect and promote the mental health of all people and to create better solutions and support for those people.

We will aim to promote the discover new ways for people to live in peace, respect, and understanding.

20. To promote the facilitation of local authority awareness 

By aiding the discovery of local authorities such as local businesses, events and causes, we can help people who are suffering to efficiently connect with authorities in their local area. By increasing awareness of local organisations, people suffering from any illness can find organisations, support or emergency services close to them in their community and contact them directly. 

22. To give the power to the people and invest in the communities that we work with

In the process of developing community policing strategies, we will decentralize, demonetize,
democratise and empower people to make a positive difference through the
use of our platform. To give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

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